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TreeFrog Young Leaf New Car German Flag

TreeFrog Young Leaf New Car German Flag


Treefrog Young Leaf is a high quality paper-based air freshener for JDM products. 
It freshens and deodorizes with natural fragrances in any room, including for office - home, and your cars/ vans/ RV/ trucks/ boats.



  • Instantly smell fantastic and eliminates tough odors
  • Extreme fresh: Freshens and Deodorizes with natural fragrances
  • Much more natural smelling than any other freshener brands
  • Enjoy the pleasant scent in the car, home, or office
  • Elastic string makes hanging easily at anywhere you'd like
  • Very Popular in Japan and United States
  • Designed and Formulated by: Car Nation Co., LTD. Japan


SKU: Young Leaf New Car Germany
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